Winter Is Coming…

29 Nov

We are so ready for the winter! We feel so blessed to have had another fruitful and successful growing season. We managed to dodge the typhoons, earthquakes, flooding and land slides this year! There is no shortage of challenges though, with a peek in the flee beetle and cutworm populations, not to mention a rogue monkey! But overall, its been a great season.

We’ve acquired a bit more land nearby to expand again next year, 2017. This land will also give our main gardens a much-needed break. We plan to seed cover crops and green manures like oats, buckwheat and possibly wheat to encourage the soil to recover from the intensive vegetable production over the past 5 years. Certainly some clover in the mix, too.

With two full-time farmers on the loose at Hello Farm Organics, plus amazing regular volunteers through the WWOOF Japan network, its no wonder our gardens felt more under control than ever. Blessings!!!!

Pictures say more than words:

We save over 30 varieties of heritage tomato seeds now. This is Isis Candy Cherry.



Our Veggie Box program grew this year. We hope to continue developing this program next summer.



Left side= 100% loss to flea beetles. Right side= 100% successful harvest. You win some, you lose some!


Share The Love Japan continues to be some of our recurring customers and supporters. Many hands make light work.


Cilantro (aka Coriander) (called Pakchi in Japan)


Some of our garden helpers doing their job. Thanks, guys!



Colourful veggie mixes is one of our signature things now…


Nadia from Australia helped us plant 0ver 1000 bulb onions. Yet another amazing volunteer.


We now also sell at this charming veggie shop called Soil Annex, a branch of our main distributors;


Black, white, red inside, red outside- all daikon radish! And some carrots.


Greenhouse full of baby salad mix.


Koshin Daikon; white skin but fuchsia pink on the inside.


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