November 2019 Update

3 Nov

Big News! Hello Farm Organics is moving to Canada!


This is our last autumn here in Kyoto as we prepare to move to Ontario next June, 2020. We are still looking for an organic grower to take over our farm house and land lease here in Kyoto. Our local apprentice, Chie-San, will continue growing on some of our land but we still have several large gardens available, with excellent soil, and a well-equipped farm house and workshop/harvest room. We are looking for someone/people who can continue our legacy of local organic veggie production in the Keihoku region. We are prepared to hand over equipment, introduce you to potential buyers, introduce you to neighbors, etc. It is important to us that our small operation continue to support the local community and organic movement even after our departure. Any interested Japan-based farmers are invited to contact us. hellofarmorganics (at) gmail (dot) com. We will not be sponsoring any work visas for foreign farmers.

Update #1

To clarify, our goal is to support a “new” or “relocating” organic farmer by providing some much needed infrastructure and startup support. We know how hard it is to get started with farming. There is so much startup equipment and resources needed before even dreaming of an income. So we will be prioritizing organic growers when deciding our successors. Please consider this before contacting us with inquiries. We have worked really hard to build up wonderful organic soil over 8 years. It is important to us that we pass it on to loving hands. Thank you for your understanding.

Update #2

To clarify, we are not for sale. We hope to pass our lease over to new tenants with similar goals as ours. We simply hope that the soil and infrastructure will continue to be used as we have used it. Otherwise, we will clear everything we built up over the years.

Update #3

More clarifications…

もし興味がある方は、email にて来られる前に必ずご連絡ください。農作業の合間に家、農場の説明をいたします。よろしくお願い致します。

If you are interested, please contact us through email first. Please do not show up at our farm unannounced expecting a guided tour. We are still a fully functioning farm and business and are very busy with autumn harvesting. Visits can be made by appointment only. Thank you for your understanding.

Happy farming!

Ava and Zenryu

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